Fleece Ear Warmer & Mittens

 Winter weather has officially arrived which means it’s time for some new winter accessories!
This ear warmer and mitten set keeps little gals (and guys) nice and toasty warm and it was super quick to make. These would make perfect stocking stuffers for any little kiddo on your list this year. Or maybe even a big kiddo- I made an ear warmer for me too:)

Ear Warmer Sewing Tutorial

Oh and the ear warmer is reversible for double the fun!
Having some new accessories really brightens up a cold winter day:)
And after 45 minutes outside she was still nice and warm- all except that little cherry nose
And if your gal is in a ponytail type of mood you don’t have to ruin her do by smashing a hat over it.
And don’t worry the mittens stayed put through all of her rough and tumble play- we didn’t lose them even once! And since they’re fleece you can just toss them in the wash if they get a bit dirty…
Ready to make your own set?
  • 1/4 yard anti-pill fleece in 2 colors (if you want it to be reversible). This was enough for about 3 ear warmers and some mittens
  • 1/4″ elastic
Let’s start with the ear warmer:
1. Cut out your pieces- you need 2 pieces, 1 in each color. Fleece stretches so I made mine about .5″ smaller than the head circumference (make sure you measure around the head right where you want the ear warmer to go).
***Cut your pieces so they will stretch around heads- if you only have 1/4 yard that’s pretty much your only option for cutting anyway
When the strip is folded in half the ear flaps will be right in the middle. Add a 1/4″ seam allowance to the 2 long edges
2. With right sides together sew the 2 pieces together along the 2 long edges- use a narrow zig zag stitch so your fleece will still be able to stretch
3. Turn it right side out and topstitch along the 2 long edges to help it lay flat- again use your zig zag stitch.
And then line up the 2 ends so they meet and stitch them together with a wide zig zag stitch
I stitched over it 2-3 times to get a good hold

Easy peasy right! Now make a bunch more for all your friends:)On to the mittens!
I think I’ll be making a bunch of these too- finding cozy mittens small enough for a toddler has been surprisingly difficult1. Trace around your kiddos hand to make your pattern- be sure to leave a little extra room for growing and seam allowances. I added about 1.5-2″ to the bottom so it would have a nice cuff. You need to cut out 4 mittens

2. With right sides together (does fleece have a right side???) sew 2 pieces together along 1 straight edge.

3. You don’t have to hem the bottom b/c fleece doesn’t fray but if you want to now is a good time to do it. I just folded over once towards the wrong side and stitched down.
4. To keep these on a wiggly toddler I added 1/4″ elastic to the wrist. Cut it to just slightly bigger than your kid’s wrist circumference- my piece was 4.5″. Tack it down to each side of the mitten where you want the cuff to start- on mine that was about 1.5″ up from the bottom.
5. Stretch the elastic out and sew it directly to the mitten- when you’re done sewing you’ll have a nice gather.
6. Sew the rest of the way around your mitten and turn right side out.

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