New from Martha Stewart!

that’s right- a brand NEW product from Martha Stewart!
The Martha Stewart Craft Station!
It will be available at Michaels Craft Stores on Black Friday
This is a must have for any paper crafter on your list this year!

I’m relatively new to the paper crafting scene but I was able to put this beauty to use and crank out something I love in minutes!
Instead of cluttering up your desk with a bunch of products this does it all at once!
Card Making, Paper Cutting, Tracing, Stenciling, Dry Embossing, Stamping & more!
 My favorite feature is the embossing- it’s so easy and looks so professional! 
On the inside of the card I did some tracing with their template- maybe I can fool my mom into thinking I just developed nice handwriting:) The station has a built-in LED light system that makes tracing an absolute breeze- no more holding your art project up against the window!
Here’s the full feature list:

The first of its kind on the market, the 12-inch by 12-inch table works as an LED light box—making it easy to cut and trace designs and calligraphy, or to perfect dry embossing techniques—as well as a glass cutting mat. The spring-loaded cutting shuttle is ideal for stop-and-go cropping for frames and more. The safely concealed blade slices along the edge of a movable ruler for more accurate cutting, and easy-change cartridges mean the user never has to touch anything sharp.

The Craft Station also takes care of all the design details. Slide one of more than 100 included tracing designs, such as calligraphy, alphabets, drawings and box templates, under the light box glass for expert outlining. Create elegant embossed cards and invitations using the professional-grade metal stencil and stylus. Snap the alignment guide directly onto the ruler arm, allowing flawless repeat and layered pattern application for stamping and embossing.

Each kit includes a 12”x12” LED light table and glass cutting mat, a cutting shuttle and movable ruler arm, three cutting blades and cartridge, a metal stencil, a stylus, five 12”x12” tracing templates, a cutting knife and an alignment guide.

Make sure you let your hubby know to add this to his shopping list:)

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