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Come sew an DIY kids apron with us today! This quick and easy diy kids apron takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish- yippee! And it’s reversible so really it’s like 2 aprons:)

DIY Kids Apron

The perfect little apron for cooking up some goodies or the perfect little gift for the toddler in your life.
I only used 1/2 yard of fabric (in 2 colors) and I think you could easily get 2 toddler aprons out of that amount. That’s maybe $2 an apron- much too hard to resist making a few:)
If you have a little guy helping out in your kitchen you could easily make this manly by leaving the bottom edges square instead of rounded. And if you want to doll it up more for your girly girl you could definitely embellish:)
This little apron ties around the waist but has an elastic neck loop for easy on/off for the “I do it” toddler:) You could make a Velcro closure in the back but I didn’t think little miss couldn’t figure that out either so I didn’t bother
For a toddler (ages 2-4??? little miss is almost 2 and tall for her age) apron you’ll need:
  • 1/2 yard fabric in 2 colors
  • 3/4″ width elastic

DIY Kids Apron Instructions

1. Cut out your pieces. My body pieces are 9″ across at the top, 15″ across at the bottom and 18″ long. The strap and the waist ties are 18 x 2.5″. This goes to just past her knees so you might want to lengthen or shorten depending on your tot.

2. With right sides together sew up 1 short end and 1 long edge of all 3 ties. You can taper the ends of the waist ties if you want.

3. Turn the waist ties right side out by pushing the short end back through the tie with a crochet hook, pencil end, etc. Top stitch along the edges to help them lay flat (you should iron 1st but I skipped that and it turned out fine)

4. Cut your elastic to the desired length (mine was 12″) and cut off the sewn shut end of your neck tie. Feed the elastic through the tie with a safety pin until 1 end meets up with the raw edges of the tie. Tack it down and then pull the elastic through to the other end and tack down.

5. Baste the ties in place on the right side of 1 apron piece- make sure they are far enough away from the armhole of the apron or they will get caught in the armhole seam

6. With right sides together add the 2nd apron piece and sew all the way around leaving a gap along the top straight edge for turning.
7. Turn the apron right side out, tuck in the raw edges from the gap you left in the last step and top stitch around the entire apron.
Have fun cooking up some goodies! I hope you enjoyed our DIY kids apron today. You might also enjoy our Free Toddler Apron Pattern and Oven Mitt Pattern.
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