Meet the Contestants: Angela & Jaime

Time meet 2 more amazing contestants!
Hi! My name is Angela and I am one of the creative minds behind Tres Chere. I am absolutely thrilled to be here. I am so excited to have the opportunity to compete in Season 3 of American Crafter. This is my first time competing so it is scary but exciting at the same time!
I have been married to this handsome guy for almost 20 years. We have two beautiful children ages 17 and 14. My journey with blogging began back in July of this year. I have always had an obsession with decorating, being crafty so much so that is really borderlines what I call ADD (Attention Decorating Disorder). As long as I can remember my family has always teasingly called me Martha.
My day job is in Corporate America so having a creative outlet is extremely important to me and helps me unwind after a long stressful day.
Both of my parents are extremely creative and I grew up with an appreciation of flea markets, garage sales, Vintage and Antique decor. What really gets my adrenaline going is when I find something amazing that someone is throwing out. I have no problem pulling over day or night to load it up in my SUV! I hate to see good things thrown out, I can always envision the potential in whatever I pick up. Who would have thought that my sad looking chair I found at the curb would win me a spot on Season 3 of American Crafters? 
I love sharing my projects and really enjoy reading comments but my favorite is all of the new friends I have made. I am still in awe over the sense of community amongst us crafty bloggers. It amazes me everyday. 
I am so excited to be a part of this competition. I hope everyone stops by to check out my creations each week! Good Luck Everyone! 
Audition Project
Painted Fabric Zebra Chair
Round 1 Project: Halloween Pet Costume
Hello wonderful Naptime Crafter Friends and Fans—it is SO nice to “meet” you!!!
And I also have to say that it is SO so so exciting and a little scary to be part of this wonderful competition!  
Goodness these other contestants look VERY VERY talented!
I am just a normal gal who loves to decorate and create but has a tight budget!
I realized that I LOVE crafting and blogging a little less than a year ago and can happily say it has changed my life!
I love LOVE meaningful crafts, up-cycing anything and everything anddd I swoon for anything inexpensively made yet lovely!  I don’t think I have yet “met” a craft I won’t try!  
Crafty Scrappy Happy is my blogging “home” where I share all of my latest projects and inspiration!
It has also become a place where I “meet” and “get to know” new crafty friends—AMAZING!  
Again it is truly an honor to be here!
Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy
Audition Project:

Round 1 Project: Halloween Buffet
Thanks ladies!

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