Layered BOO Dress Tutorial

I made the little miss this spooky Halloween dress with the leftovers from my door hanger and I love it! You could use this same tutorial with any fabric, so don’t feel limited by the season:)
  • T-Shirt: I sized down an adult one from the $ store, but if you have a kids long sleeved that will save you some work
  • Fabric
Ready to get started?
1. If you’re using an adult tee you’ll need to size it down. I used a shirt that fit well as a guide and cut out my bodice. I cut out the sleeves from the bottom of the shirt, so they already had a nice hem.
2. For the skirt portion you need several rows of fabric. Each row of fabric should be longer than the previous row. I was running a bit short so mine aren’t much bigger- for a full dress make each row 1.5x the length of the previous row.
3. Gather the top of each row to match the length of the row above it.
4. Sew your rows together and then sew up the side seam.
5. If you want to decorate the bodice now is the best time to do it. I used a freezer paper stencil (help on that here)
6. Paint and glitter:)
spooky right??? Let it dry before you continue
7. Sew up the inseam of each sleeve
8. Attach the sleeves to the bodice
9. Sew the bodice to the dress
Happy Halloween!

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