Felt Quiet Book #1

The Quiet Book is finished!!
If you’ve made one you know that this is a cause for major celebration:)
It takes a lot of work, so I’m relieved to have it done but I’m mostly excited for how happy it’s going to keep the little miss when I need her to be quiet- church, waiting rooms, airplanes, etc.
After the work that went into this I’m determined to save it for times of need:)
Drum roll please…
Alrighty…let’s take a peek inside:)
(click on any of the pictures to zoom in and get a nice close look)
Juggling Clown
His arms are made of Popsicle sticks and swivel (they’re connected with brads). Balls Velcro on and off and the circles beneath are color coordinated
Photos & Chick
Photos: Pick 4 favorite photos (oops…still need to print those) or magazine clippings and you can trade them out as often as you like.
Chick: Cute little chick slips in and out of the egg. See those zig zags in the center? That’s where the egg opens. Flower buttons on and off. I made the lettering with freezer paper stencils and acrylic paint.
Flowers & Paint
 Flowers: Flowers have pipe cleaner stems and come in and out of the vase.
Paint: Match the shapes to the palette and pretend to paint with the brush.
Face & Phone
Face: Make your own silly face. Face components store inside his hat. I just made 1 set of pieces but you could make a variety of options
Phone: Phone comes on and off the hook and rotary dial spins. Learn to count to 10
Penguins, Woolly Willy
Penguins: My favorite page! The big penguin unzips to reveal a medium penguin. Pull an egg out of that penguin and then pull out a cute baby penguin
Woolly Willy: A furry little monster who needs a bit of help combing his hair
Casey Junior Train Page
Each compartment of the train holds a different animal. I made a whale (not very realistic but kind of fun), zebra, hippo, elephant, lion, tiger and alligator
Mail, Fruit Basket
Mail: Mail box opens up. Store paper and “stamps” (any stickers will do) for mailing pretend letters
Fruit Basket: “A tisket, a tasket, can you name the fruit inside this basket?” I wove the strips of the basket and filled it with a pineapple, strawberry, grapes, watermelon, banana, pear, orange, and apple
Count the fish in the sea and then catch them and put them in the basket. The fish have paper clips inside them, so they’re nice and easy to catch:)
Just looking back through this is making me happy:)
I don’t have tutorials for the pages (most of them are inspired by my mom’s original book), but I do have a lot of helpful tips to share:)
  • Base Pages: I used heavyweight pellon and cut each page to 9×12″
  • Page Finishing: Since pellon doesn’t fray I just sewed the pages together along the edge with some ric-rac sandwiched in between for a more finished look
  • Cover: I opted for a heavyweight vinyl- I want this book to last a loooong time
  • Don’t aim for perfection: remember your toddler won’t mind your little mishaps at all- aim to finish:)
  • Plan out all of your pages in advance and make your materials list: this will hopefully limit your trips to the store to 10 instead of 95:)
Here’s what you’ll need for almost any quiet book:
  • Felt: lots and lots of felt and in every color- it’s cheap so go ahead and buy a bunch. You can get it by the bolt or in sheets over in the kids craft section (normally 4 for $1)
  • Velcro, Snaps, Buttons.: I mostly used Velcro- it’s easiest for little fingers
  • Acrylic Paint: If you don’t love sewing paint can be a good shortcut for a lot of the components.
  • Paint Pen: Lifesaver for little details like outlining and railroad tracks
  • Tacky Glue: Elmers and felt do NOT get along. Get some tacky glue or felt glue for securing small components
  • Clear Vinyl or Plastic: If you’re making pages with windows (the photo page and train compartments) you’ll need some clear vinyl. I used some packaging I had saved (think bedding bags, little sock packages, etc.)
  • Freezer Paper: If you want to do any stenciling this is the easiest way to do it. Just cut out the stencil and then iron the freezer paper right to the page and go to town
And… yes I am crazy. Quiet Book #2 is in the works:)

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  1. This is amazing. I remember having something similar growing up and I loved it. We would love for you to link this up to our linky party going on right now over at… junkintheirtrunk.blogspot.com

  2. Amazing! Great work! I, too, am a quiet book junkie–I can’t stop making them! If fact, I’m working on two at the same time right now! 🙂

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