How to Recover a Kid’s Foam Chair

 Do you have a lil’ kid’s chair hanging out in your house in need of a BIG facelift???
Kids LOVE those little foam chairs, but the covers get so gross. ewww…
Or maybe you have a little princess in your house and the hand-me-down Buzz Lightyear chair isn’t doing it for her:)
Let’s give that chair a whole new life with this tutorial on How to Recover a Kid’s Foam Chair.
It didn’t take long at all to recover (1 naptime- promise!) and Little Miss absolutely adores her chair! She reads in it, snacks in it, watches a bit of Winnie the Pooh in it…
I decided to go with a nice neutral fabric that keeps our family room looking like somewhat of an adult space rather than kid world:) And now any little boys down the line can use it too
If you’re feeling ambitious you could even start from scratch! If you go that route buy your foam as a foam pad (you know the cheapo kind for bunking guest on) NOT as yardage at craft store- you’ll save lots:)
Let’s get started!
  • Lil’ Chair: I found mine at a thirft store for $3! It’s the Marshmallow brand I think
  • Fabric: It took 2 thrifted pillowcases to recover this size (so about 2 yards)
  • Tot:)
Here’s a look at the before… You can’t quite see since Little Miss insisted on sitting in it, but it was pretty gross. And I’m not a big fan of pink faux fur in our front room…
1. Take off the cover and cut it apart at the seam lines. Save the bottom panel and zipper. Lay out all of the pieces on your fabric and cut around leaving a small seam allowance around all sides.

 2. Sew the 2 back pieces together- the chair has a seam right down the middle back and then the “flaps” wrap around to both sides.

3. Sew the seat piece to each side- it will cover the arm rests and the seat. At this point I put it over the chair to see how the fit was coming along.

 4. Sew the top piece to the back piece along the long edge and the 2 short sides.

 5. Sew the seat back to the back piece (step 2) seat piece (step 3), and the top piece (step 4).

6. Once you have the fit all good to go sew on the front piece.

 7. Sew the bottom panel and zipper to the finished cover, put it on your chair and you’re good to go! You can change the color of the bottom panel if you want, but I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. You’ll definitely want to keep the zipper so you can wash the cover every so often.

Enjoy your new “old” chair!

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  1. thank-you! I can now pick one of these chairs up for cheap! I’ve seen so many where the outer was in rough shape – or boy that I’ve passed on because I have a girl – want it to look pretty in her room! Now she can have a chair! (look out fall garage sales!)

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