Hand Painted Family Rules Subway Art

I’ve been seeing a lot of subway art lately, so I decided to make one just for us.
I had little miss in mind when coming up with some of these:)
Want to know the secret to making a gorgeous hand painted subway art???
  • Vinyl and transfer paper
  • Wood Plaque
  • Paint
  • Design: come up with your own rules or borrow ours. You can snag my SCAL file here
1. Cut out your design using an electronic cutter or a razor (if you’re really really patient). Now peel out all of the letters, but leave the rest of the vinyl behind. Use your transfer paper to move it onto your plaque.
2. Decide on your colors and go to town with the paint. Let it dry for at least an hour- I’d recommend overnight to be safe.

 3. Peel off the vinyl and enjoy! I had a few spots that didn’t turn out perfect but I decided it just added to the look and left it as is. You could just use lots of different vinyl colors if you want, but I think the paint really makes it unique.

Now we just need to get everyone to follow them:)
we’re doing great on tickling!

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  1. I love how this turned out! What a great idea to use the vinyl and then paint what colors you want. I have a canvas I’ve been wanting to use for family rules and I think I might have to do it this way. Thanks for the inspiration!

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