Family Plaques Tutorial

Today I have a super fun tutorial for you! I love making these for wedding gifts, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.
You can design it however you’d like. Sometimes I do just the name or it’s fun to do an established date as well. My mom and I went on a bit of a sign making spree not to long ago:)
Alrighty let’s get started!
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer Paper- essential!
  • Electronic cutter OR a razor blade and lots of patience
  • Wooden Plaque
  • Saw tooth hanger
  • Paint
1. Paint your board and let it dry
2. Cut out your design out of the vinyl and peel away all of the excess
3. Smooth your transfer paper onto the vinyl. This keeps everything straight and looking perfect
4. Peel the transfer paper off (make sure you get all of the vinyl) and smooth it onto your board.
5. Peel off the transfer paper (make sure all of the vinyl stays on the wood) and admire!
I love those nice, crisp lines!

4 Responses

  1. Alicia- I just bought my plaque at the craft store. Then all of the edges are finished with a nice beveled edge. But…you can also brave Home Depot if you want to make a bunch of these and then you will save some money. I would just ask for help b/c it’s all a bit confusing. They will cut it for you in the back of the store

  2. I am really wanting to do this but am wondering where you buy the wood? I hear home depot but I know nothing about lumber and am a little overwhelmed when I go there. Any advice?

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