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Hi, I’m Shawn from Tulips and Turnips!
Tulips and Turnips
I came across Naptime Crafters a few months ago, loved it, and have been following since. I thought the name was so clever because the only time I do any of my sewing or other creative work is when my babies are sleeping : ) Thank you, Amy, for having me as a guest on your blog!
My blog is about my creative outlet which is mostly sewing things for babies, I am getting into making bedroom sets for children and a little for Moms too. My giveaways are almost always for Moms! Since I think Moms need something special whenever possible. I try to post new pictures of things I’ve made, and a lot of the time my posts have to do with the process involved in creating a small business on my own and running it when I’m not busy being a Mom and wife.
My tutorials are about things I am doing for my home or family, and I thought it would be nice to share these kinds of things as tutorials since others might be wondering how to do something similar. My ideas often arise when I notice a problem, like my baby complaining about car seat straps so I made covers for them, or an empty space on the wall needing something, and being on somewhat of a budget, I come up with something nice that I can make for not too much money. I’d love to venture into using more power tools! : )
Thank you for visiting my blog and please check out my upcoming
giveaway on September 3rd on Naptime Crafters! : )

I came up with the crib rail cover tutorial when I noticed my baby standing at the side rail of his crib where I didn’t have a cover and teething on the railing. I quickly realized I needed a cover and didn’t want to wait for one to come in the mail. 
How To Make a Crib Rail Cover

Materials: fabric, batting, rotary knife, cutting mat, velcro, pins, and sewing

I chose fabric that was similar to the other crib rail cover we have. And since
we have a crib rail cover for the front of the crib and we needed one for the
side, this tutorial is for a side crib rail cover. But, whether you are doing the front
or the side of the crib, it really doesn’t matter, you will just have to adjust the
measurements accordingly. So, after measuring the rail you will be making the
cover for, cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting, all exactly the same
size. For example, for our crib’s side rail, I cut the fabric and batting to 27 x 18

Next, cut fabric for the straps. I cut five strips of 6 x 4 inches. You may want to
measure the slats on the crib to see how many you may need and what spacing
would be ideal for your crib.

Cut the velcro into four inch strips.

Next lay the fronts of the fabric together on top of the batting.

Pin the batting and fabric together along all four sides, leaving a space open for
turning it right side out.

Sew along the sides and when you get to the last side remember to leave the
space open to flip it right side out.

Once you flip it right side out and straighten the fabric out and push the corners
out as much as possible, the next step is to sew along the edge for a clean look.
I like to sew fairly close to the edge, as you can see in the next photo. I always
start sewing just up from the opening, and if it helps you could pin it closed so
you don’t have to hold it as you sew.

A nice clean edge!

At this point you can move on to the straps. Fold the first piece of fabric over so
the front of the fabric is on the inside and sew along the edge and the top so that
one end is closed. When you’re done turn it inside out, and then sew along the
edge on each side and top end to flatten the strap and make nice clean edges. I
always sew the side with the seam first and then the other side.

Next step is placing the velcro on the strap and sewing it on. The easiest thing is
to have bought velcro that has adhesive sides so that you can just stick it on and
not have to worry about pinning the velcro. Sew all four sides of the velcro on to
the strap.

Fold over the end of the strap and pin it to keep it in place.

Next thing you want to do is figure out the spacing from one strap to the other, I
chose four inches for mine.

And sew them on to the rail cover. I like to sew in two places, along the edge of
the fold and then along the edge of the rail cover.

Then sew the other side of the velcro on, just as you did with the straps, and
make sure each piece of velcro you put on the rail cover side matches up with
where the straps will fold up to.

All done! : )

Make sure you stop by Tulips & Turnips! Shawn’s new to blog world and so excited to make some new friends- let’s give her a nice warm welcome! Oh and her giveaway on Saturday is going to be HUGE so you may as well start following along now:)

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