Blog Swap with Love Notes by Lauryn

Today we get to meet one of my new blogging friends:) Make sure you stop by and give her a nice warm welcome to the blogging world!

hello naptime crafters readers. 

i am lauryn from love notes by lauryn
i am so excited to be visiting over here today.
amy has got such a fun place here. 
she is so sweet to have me.
my blog is still sort of a baby, 
i started this summer and have been having a ton of fun.
my blog is a place where i share my adventures with!
because i have been so focused on getting my projects and tutorials up,
i haven’t given readers much of a chance to get to know me.
when i grow up i want to be:
a bloggin’ mommy
here’s some of my most popular posts.
for now, i am just a bloggin’ wifey. no little kiddies YET!
zig-zag twist hair tutorial
his & her’s xoxo display
a full time dancer
i have danced since i was 9. i love it. i still teach & dance today.
but i would LOVE to be on a company. odyssey is my secret dance dream.

an artist
in honor of halloween, here is one of my pieces:

a graphic designer
i love designing wedding announcements, posters, invites, blog’s etc.
i’ve designed my blog, i just recently worked on this announcement:
(it folds up & there is an inside too..i’ll post about it later down the road over at my blog!)

a wedding planner
my wedding was beautiful. because i have a sweet hubby.
but i think i could do SUCH a better wedding NOW… that i know so many money saving, 
adorable ways to decorate.
my sweet little sissy is not married yet, but one day she will be. 
we are planning her a COKE wedding!
image found via pinterest

a fashion designer
i wanted to go to fidm for awhile, i designed a couple of dresses to send in.
then i decided i wanted a family instead here’s some of my designs:
but i’ll probably end up being..
a kindergarten teacher
which i am excited for too 🙂
thanks again amy for having me, 
she posted over at my blog today so go check it out!
{love} lauryn

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