Rocking Chair Revamp

It’s garage sale season! I found this darling wood rocking chair for $10!!
It was pretty dirty and scuffed up and in need of some love. Since it needed fresh paint anyway I decided to take it from drab to fab! To make it perfect for a little girl I hand painted three sweet and simple flowers across the top and a big bold flower on the seat.
It’s the perfect place for a little girl to snuggle up with her best friends! She loves that it’s a mini version of my rocking chair- now she can be just like mommy:)
I didn’t take pics. of the process but I have some pointers for you:)
  • Prime, prime, prime! The original paint was glossy which is super hard to paint over. A quick coat of primer takes care of that
  • Plan out your colors and then just go for it! It’s easiest if you start with the spindles and then do the seat, top, & rockers at the end
  • The only portion I taped was along really detailed portions- see those tiny bits of orange at the bottom???
  • To paint the flowers just start with the petals and work your way in. I’m definitely not a painter but this was pretty easy to free hand.
***Yes this post has been a long time coming- think I’ve had it ready since February. Just in case you were wondering why little miss looked so tiny and is wearing a big jacket***

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