DIY Pleated Skirt | Lollipop Pleated Skirt

I finally made something for me! Doesn’t happen often, but I’m glad I went for it:) Today we’re going to sew a women’s diy pleated skirt
Recognize the fabric??? It’s a thrifted sheet and you might remember little miss strutting her stuff in the Sunny Day Romper

DIY Pleated Skirt

This diy pleated skirt really makes me pretty happy! Happy enough to drag the hubs to this very busy street, so I could use this amazing wall for the photo shoot:)

DIY Pleated Skirt supplies

  • Fabric: I used a thrifted sheet
  • Zipper
  • Sewing supplies

DIY Pleated Skirt Instructions

1. For starters let’s cut out the yoke. You need 2 in your main fabric- I tapered mine in a bit and curved the bottom to give it some more shape. Make sure you account for seam allowances- I used 1/2″ seam allowance so the total width of both of my yokes was 2″ wider than my waist measurement. You’ll also need 2 pieces in a liner fabric- it’s helpful to make these pieces a bit taller than your others

 2. With right sides together {RST} sew your yoke pieces and yoke liners together one one short end. Then with RST sew them together along the upper edge. Press flat.

 3. Decide on a length for your skirt. Remember to leave room for hemming. I did 4 inverted box pleats on the front and back and I made the pleats 1″ wide on each side. So…you need to cut each skirt piece to be 8″ wider at the top than the measurement along the bottom of your yoke piece.  I decided on a slight A-line shape, so I made the skirt a bit wider at the bottom.

***The skirt piece on the top is showing you the box pleats from the wrong side.

 4. Baste across your pleats to hold them in place and then sew part way down one side{I did about 4″} and back up the other side of each pleat. It looks best if you do a little point at the bottom instead of sewing straight across.

 5. With RST sew your skirt pieces together on one side and part way up on the other side- leave enough room to get it on and off.

6. With RST sew the bottom edge of the yoke to the top of your skirt.

 7. Install your zipper according to the package directions. Fold the yoke liner towards the inside of the skirt, tuck all of your seams inside, fold under the bottom of the yoke, and then topstitch down right along the bottom edge of the yoke. {please ignore my little uh oh on the one side- it’s on the inside right???}

All finished! I hope you enjoyed our DIY Pleated Skirt. If you liked this tutorial, you might also like our Free Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial or our wide variety of Women’s Skirt and Dress Patterns

63 Responses

  1. I love the skirt but would love it more as a skort! I have girls who like to dangle from the monkey bars and a skort would be much better. I’ll have to figure out how to combine this into a skort pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. That HAS to be my favorite mommy skirt in blogland for quite some time! Well done! But no cheating…When you’re sporting a super-cute new skirt in front of a perfect background, you must share a full-length shot! 😉

    I LOVE the Evelyn dress….so sweet!

  3. I’m already a follower of your blog and also have added the shop to my favorites on Etsy as well even though you didn’t require that. 😉 That way I won’t lose you though. haha

  4. Oh my gosh, the Retro Jumper is just adorable but sadly, my Granddaughter is already past the sizes that is available in. I REALLY love the Eveyln Dress and Swing Top pattern also and because this is still in her size, this would be my top favorite..right now anyway…….that Pea Coat is possibly going to overtake both of these once it’s available however. LOL That definitely looks like something I might have to check out when available. My sewing skills aren’t THAT good yet though so I’m not too sure about a coat. ack.

    I love that the Eveyln Dress and Swing Top can be made as a dress or a top though. That’s a great deal with such versitility. Wonderful. She needs lots of shirts for school and also some dresses.

  5. I love the Adele skirt and the Sea Breeze Dress…I can’t pick! I think the Adele skirt is my fav because I can layer it with tights or leggings on my girl when the weather turns cooler.

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