Sure Cuts a Lot Week 4: Putting it All Together

We’re on the home stretch! Did you catch the last 3 Weeks lessons?

Today I just have a few last minute tips for working with everything you’ve learned.

Let’s start with Layers. If you’ve used Photoshop or Paint.Net this should be pretty familiar. If not- don’t worry you’re going to love it!
See the layers window down in the corner. For each shape you put on the mat you get a new layer. Sometimes when you get a lot of stuff on your mat it’s difficult to select just one thing. With layers it’s easy! Just select the layer your object is in and it will automatically select that object 
If you want to smush muliple objects together permanently (as opposed to welding which we learned about 2 weeks ago) you can use the Path tool. 
See how it makes it into one big shape?
 Now let’s take a look at pages. See the little tabs at the top? Just click on the “+” to make another page. This is really helpful for cutting things out of multiple papers. Here I broke a watermelon apart
On page 1 I can cut the rind out of green
And seeds on Page 2
And the melon on Page 3
When you’re all set to go take a look at the cutter menu. You can pick your mat size, preview how it’s going to cut, and get cutting! You can also use this to set multi-cut which is great for really thick papers.
I hope you enjoyed this series!

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