Pocket Skirt Tutorial

 Don’t you just love skirts with pockets! They’re just so comfy and you have a place to stash your chap stick:)
And this skirt is extra nifty because it doesn’t have a zipper! 4 little buttons do the job:)
I did mention the pockets didn’t I??? Which is also how the skirt opens and closes.
Perfect skirt for taking a stroll
Alrighty- let’s get started!
 ***This tute came out a bit complicated looking, but I promise it’s not that bad. Just look at the finished pictures and once you’ve caught the vision it will be a breeze:)
  • Main Fabric: I used a little under 1 yard, but you’ll just have to measure a skirt you like to figure it out. If you want a fuller look you’ll definitely need more fabric
  • Pocket Fabric: A contrasting fabric is cute. 1/3 yard
  • Pocket Pattern: Print here {print as an 8.5×11″}
  • 4 Buttons

 1. Cut out your pieces. Here’s what I used and how I got them

  • Body: Decide on the length of your skirt and add 1″ for the hem. Measure the width of a skirt you like (at the fullest part) and add 1″ for seam allowances. Cut 2 {20″ long x 22″ wide}
  • Yoke: Take your waist {or hip measurement}and add 12″. Decide how wide you want it to be- double that amount {it will be folded in half} and add 1″ for seam allowances. Mine was 5″ wide. ***You might want to just cut this piece out when you need it***
  • Pockets-Cut 4 using pattern
Make sure you have a helper handy:)

 2. With RST sew your pocket pieces together along the bottom curve. Turn back the inside edges twice and stitch down to finish. Leave the outside edges open and unfinished.

 3. With RST sew the outer raw edge of the pocket to the top outside edge of the back piece of your skirt on each side. ***When the skirt is finished the part you stick your hand into will be the right side of the fabric***

 4. With RST sew up the side seams of your skirt until you get to the pocket. At that point, sew the front of the skirt to the remaining raw edge of the pocket with RST at an angle

 When you’re finished and turn everything right side out it will look like this:

 5. Gather {use the longest stitch length on your machine and pull on the bobbin thread} the back of your skirt  so it’s half your waist {or hip} measurement. Fan out the pockets and cut the yoke 1/2″ longer than full length of the back of your skirt {including the pockets}.

 5. Fold the yoke in half with RST and sew up the 2 short ends

 6. With RST sew the yoke to the back of the skirt- make sure you only catch 1 side of the yoke and the back portion of the pocket

 7. Fold the yoke over to form the waistband, tuck in all of the raw seams and topstitch along the bottom edge.

8. Try the skirt on and pleat the front of the skirt {I used 1 inverted box pleat} so it fits. Don’t stab yourself with a pin! Use a basting stitch to hold the pleat in place

9. Cut your yoke long enough that it can wrap around to the back slightly and button in place. Attach the front yoke using the same steps as the back yoke- except fold the pockets in instead of fanning them out.

 10. Add some buttons and buttonholes

 11. Hem and throw on a few rosettes:)

 Enjoy your new skirt! I found my fabric for $2 {for the whole yard!!}. Can’t find a $2 skirt in the department store. And even if you did I bet it wouldn’t have pockets:)

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