Flower Girl Dress Tutorial

My darling sister-in-law got married in June, so I made little miss a special dress for the big day.
She loved being a flower girl!
Well….most of the time
The flutter sleeves are my favorite part!
 I designed the dress after one my grandma made me for my Aunt’s wedding {I’m the cute little gal on the left. My big sis is on the right}
Giving the bride a congratulatory high five:)
 Alrighty- let’s get sewing!
  • Eyelet fabric- or your choice
  • Lining fabric
  • Buttons
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Narrow ribbon for button loops
I did a horrible job taking photos {I was getting down to the wire on finishing this in time}, but it’s pretty much your basic dress with a few extra details
1. Cut out your bodice pieces- I opted for a fairly short bodice but you could make it longer if you want. With right sides together sew together at the shoulder seams. Repeat with the bodice lining.

 2. For the flutter sleeves fold a rectangle in half with wrong sides together and gather along the raw edges.

 3. Line up the bodice and bodice lining with right sides together. Slide the flutter sleeve in between the 2 at the shoulder seam. Make sure all of your raw edges are inside the seam allowance. Sew along the edge of each armhole

 4. Pin the sleeve back so it’s out of the way

 5. Tuck loops of ribbon in between the layers along one side of the back of the bodice. I did 3 button loops.

6. Sew up the back of the bodice, around the neckline and down the other side of the bodice- make sure you secure all of your button loops as you sew.
7. Cut out your skirt pieces. The front is one piece and the back is 2 pieces. I made mine double the width of the bodice, so the skirt would be nice and full. With right sides together sew the back pieces together about half way up and then sew the back piece to the front piece along the sides {RST}. Gather to match the width of the bodice.  Repeat with the skirt lining
9. With RST sew the skirt to the skirt lining along the “v” opening. Make sure you tuck in 1 more button loop on the same side as your button loops in the bodice.

 10. With RST sew the skirt to the bodice. It will look like a huge mess but if you just start pinning it will all work out:)

11. I did a really wide ruffly hem. Just fold a long strip of fabric in half {I did about 1.5x the width of the skirt} with wrong sides together and gather along the raw edges to match the width of the skirt bottom. With right sides together attach to skirt. Tie a ribbon around the middle and you’re all set! I tacked the ribbon down at the side seams of the dress to keep it in place.


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  1. Your sister in law made a beautiful bride and your young girl made a cute flower girl. I love that it was inspired by a dress you had worn. Too cute.

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