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Hello… i’m so excited to stop by here at naptime crafters and share this tutorial for a cute little ruffled skirt with you.

i’m bec from i live in a pretty little city in Queensland, Australia with my best friend who also happens to be my husband. i work as a nurse, which i love, and also love finding old, vintage little pieces that are just waiting for a little love.  here is a little tutorial for a 3 tiered ruffle skirt that i made for one of my beautiful little nieces. for size 5, you will need…

  • skirt- two 22″ x 11″ pieces of fabric
  • two 5″ x 40″ strips of fabric 
  • one 7″ x 40″ strip of fabric
  • waistband- 4″ x 35″ piece of fabric
  • cotton, pins, sewing machine
  • 20″ wide band elastic

Firstly… Place the skirt right sides facing out. pin along the sides. sew down each side of the skirt. trim the edges of the skirt about 1cm from the seam.

next, turn the skirt inside out, iron flat, and then sew along the seam encasing the seam you have just made. this is a french seam.
next, hem the bottom.

the next step is to prepare the ruffles. fold the strips in half lengthways, and sew along the seam making a ‘tube’. finish off the edge with a serger or zig-zag stitch. hem both the top and bottom of the ruffle.

 the next step is to pin the ruffles in place, starting from the bottom. the ruffle ‘tube’ will be larger than the skirt you have already made, so pin small tucks in place where you think it looks good. do this for each ruffle.

 the last step is the waistband. fold the waistband piece of fabric in half so that each 4″ side is meeting, and sew along the end making another ‘tube’. next, iron in half lengthways, and tuck in another 1″ ironed fold on each side.  pin the waistband in place, and sew on, leaving a 2″ gap. thread the elastic through and sew in place. 

…and you’re all done!!
my little niece loved it!
 …and she looks so pretty in it!
thanks for letting me stop by and share this with you…i’d love to see you on smallbirdie sometime!

Oh my goodness- how cute is that?! Definitely adding this to my to-do list {yes…it’s getting really really long!} Make sure you stop by and say hi- her blog is darling and she has tutorials for more ruffly skirt variations!

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