The Flapper Tee Tutorial

Flapper Tee Tutorial

 The perfect amount of flapping fun for your little tot:)
Even if she is a bit tired of having her picture taken…
My favorite thing is it didn’t cost a cent! I made it from an old tee, which {gasp} I found while dumpster diving…with my mom! We go every year on move out day at BYU and find some real treasures:)
***Just for the record- this particular treasure was next to the dumpster {not in it…}
Let’s get started!
1. Size down your tee from an old tee and cut a bunch of long strips for the ruffles.

2. Gather the strips along one edge and sew them to the front of the shirt starting with the bottom strip. Make sure you overlap each strip so the stitching doesn’t show

3. When you get to the top you need to take an extra step to finish the neckline. {sorry the picture is sideways- just turn your head…} Sew the edge of the ruffle strip down right along the neckline

4. Flip the ruffle back over and sew in place

 5. I cut the sleeves from the original sleeves so that I didn’t have to finish the edge. With right sides together (RST) sew up the bottom edge of the sleeve.

 6. Finish the bottom edge of the back of the shirt

7. With RST sew up the shoulder seams and the side seams. Make sure all of the ruffles are laying flat and leave room for an armhole- it will look best if the armhole starts at the end of a ruffle

 8. With RST sew in sleeves and you’re done! I added a little rosette to the front, but you don’t have to:)

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  1. Very cute! I never can resist a few ruffles. I love that you go dumpster diving. :0) I’m sure people get rid of all sorts of things when the only other option is to haul it across the country.

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