Dahlia Tee Tutorial

Nothing says summer like a new tee! And with a dahlia embellishment this tee is ready for anything!
On my dumpster diving mission {read more here}I found enough supplies to make a shirt for me too. I rarely sew for myself, but I’m thrilled with how this shirt turned out. The hubs thought I bought it- ahhh…the ultimate compliment:)
I’m not big into ruffles and frills (not for me anyway- for little miss definitely!), so I wanted the flower to be subtle. I love the texture the layers add to this shirt. It has all the benefits of your go-to comfy tee, but it’s dressy enough to look like an outfit.
Let’s get started! All you need is 1 tee that’s a couple sizes too big, so you have fabric for the flower.
1. Size down your tee {for help see this tutorial, but use a shirt instead of a dress} and save the scraps to make your flower.
2. Cut out your petals in varying sizes. I used 12 petals & a circle for the middle
3. Sew the petals down starting with the largest size. Arrange 3 in a pinwheel shape. If you want more of a pop you could use a contrasting thread color. I’m kind of wishing I had done pink…

 4. Stagger the next layer of petals with the previous layer and sew down another pinwheel. Continue until your flower is nice and full- I did 4 layers and then a circle to finish it off.

 Enjoy your new tee!

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