Tiered Toddler Skirt with Built-In Diaper Cover!

This darling little skirt has a diaper cover built right into it! And it’s actually quicker and easier than making them separately:)
Happy sewing momma and a very happy tot because the whole getting dress process is just a bit quicker!

Did I mention that ruffles make me happy? Because those tiers of gathers and ruffles are really making my day:)

Let’s get started!
  • Fabric for diaper cover: knits work really well
  • Fabric for skirt
  • Bias Tape
  • Elastic: any width (more on that later)
  • Pattern (for a 12-18 mos diaper cover you can grab a pattern here
1. Cut out your pieces. Little miss has a 20″ waist and I did 30 and 42″ for the bottom pieces. It’s pretty roomy and I think those widths would work well for a lot of sizes. You might need to lengthen it for an older kid. For the diaper cover you might want to taper in the legs a bit for the front piece (see how it’s narrower through there). If you’re using knits you can make the pieces smaller and skip elastic in the leg holes

 2. Gather your bottom skirt piece to match the length of the top skirt piece

 3. With right sides together sew the gathered portion to the top skirt piece

 4. With RST sew up the side seam

5. Assemble your diaper cover (minus the top) using this tutorial. Slide the diaper cover inside the skirt so the wrong side of the diaper cover is against the right side of the skirt. Sew along the top edge

 6. Add bias tape to the bottom of your skirt.
***Option 1: Add 2 button holes to skirt (not the diaper cover!) and then sew a line of stitching about 1″ down from the top to form a casing while sewing the diaper cover to the skirt. Thread a piece of 1/8 or 1/4″ elastic through to use as your drawstring. This will give you the paper bag type of look

***Option 2: Pick your elastic width (wider is better) and sew a line around the skirt just a bid wider than the elastic while sewing the diaper cover to the skirt and leaving a small gap. Thread the elastic through and then sew up the gap. This will give you a standard flat look.
See you later:)

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