Jumper Re-Mix

Jumper Pattern
 ***This was originally posted at Me Sew Crazy
I’ve been drooling over Jessica’s blog for awhile now, so I was super excited when she asked me to participate in the pattern re-mix series!
And then….I had a brief moment of panic when I remembered that I’ve never sewn anything for little miss with a pattern. Mom to the rescue! Luckily she had some lovely “vintage” patterns for me c. 1985:)
Which led to the Jumper Re-Mix!
The hubs thinks our little miss looks like she’s from the Sound of Music, which I guess I’ll take as a compliment:)
I’m really smitten with how it turned out!
Since she’s not always very lady like I couldn’t resist making a coordinating diaper cover:)
We’re both pretty happy with the results!
Want to make your own?
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Basic Bib Jumper Pattern: I used McCalls 2217. They don’t sell these in stores anymore, but I did find one copy for sale here (better grab it fast!)
  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Buttons
1. If you’re using a vintage pattern I’d recommended adding to the length and making it a bit slimmer- I used the Medium (which little miss is at the upper end of that size) and then added 4″ to the length of the size large.  Dresses used to be really short! 3″ would’ve been enough, but now there’s room to grow
2. Now let’s make the ruffly bib- the best part:) So I got super excited and kept doing things out of order and forgetting to take pictures- sorry! But…I think this should still make sense. First fold a long strip of fabric in half with wrong sides together and gather along the edge- cut it into 4 or more ruffles. Sew the ruffles onto the front of the bib, so that they overlap and extend slightly pass the neckline and the bottom of the bib.
2. Cut a rectangle of fabric 1″ bigger than the gap between your ruffles. Iron the sides under and then topstitch it right on top of the ruffles. I choose to do one row of stitching along and one row in just a bit. Now you’ll just continue on with your pattern instructions:) For me that meant sewing a bib lining on top of my lovely ruffled bib with RST, which finished the neckline.
Want a diaper cover too???
I hope so because they’re super quick:)
1. You can use my pattern here. It should fill the entire page when you print it. Cut out a front and a back and then to add a bit more shape you can make the front leg holes a bit smaller than in the back. Sew the front and back RST along the sides and bottom.
2. Along the top and the leg holes fold your fabric over twice and topstitch to create a casing- leave a 1″ gap for your elastic. Thread your elastic through with a safety pin and secure the ends together. Try it on for sizing and once you have it perfect sew up the gap in the casing.  You might have a bit of trouble getting the leg hole casing to lay completely flat, but don’t worry about it- once the elastic is in it will look  perfect:)
Thanks Jessica!
Oh…and be warned- this outfit may attract handsome toddler boys:)

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