Baseboard Photo Display

 It’s Home Decor week!
I made this photo display for our family room and I LOVE it:)
My favorite things is that I can change out our pictures whenever I want!
Perfect for showcasing our growing little miss
Want one of your own?
  • Board cut to size
  • Baseboard
  • Saw
  • Stain or Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Photos
  • Cardstock & Mod Podge (optional)
1. Cut your board to the desired size and paint the edges. I wanted to do 4 photos across so mine is 24″ wide and 26 3/4″ tall. Cut your baseboard pieces to match the width of the board. I did all of this at my in-laws who own a lumberyard (yes! but…I also forgot to take photos. sorry). Stain your baseboards or paint in any color you want:)

2. Use wood glue to secure the baseboard pieces to your board (trust me- don’t use hot glue. It’s not quite strong enough…). You want slightly less space between the boards than the height of your photo. Don’t put the glue too close to the edges or you won’t be able to slide the photos in and out. To spice mine up a bit I added some cardstock pieces with “FAMILY” and a few fun tid bidts to mix inbetween the photos.

***This idea is inspired by a Family Fun Project from the 90’s- thanks for saving you magazines mom!

8 Responses

  1. This is truly an awesome and simple project! Thanks for the idea!! I know what my husband will be working on very, very soon for me!! Thanks & happy new year!

  2. Oh my goodness. I bought one of these at a boutique a few years ago for $60! I absolutely LOVE it and have wanted to make another one and now, thanks to you, I know how! Thank you so much…oh ya, I will be featuring this in my next Sunday Stalker (May 15) ~ I will put a picture of mine up next to yours. Please stop by, check it out and grab a button.

  3. wonderful idea!! I think i would be more inclined to print off my pictures, instead of letting them build up on my camera, if i had something awesome like this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ohhhh this is such a great idea! Sometimes the thought of taking a frame down, removing glass and changing over pictures seems to much hassle, this is perfect for quick updates!

    Thanks for sharing!

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