Just a Peek & a New Blog

Would you like a little glimpse into our everyday life?
I hope so because here it comes:)
Lately we’ve been spending our time helping little miss walk. She’s not quite there yet, but she is so proud! She always has her arms up above her head so she’s easier to catch:)
***I keep Tuesdays & Thursdays open for blog swaps and product reviews. Sometimes they just stay open, so I’ve decided to share a little peek into my life whenever I have an open day on the calendar. 
After all I don’t actually spend the entire day crafting:)

I already had my Just a Peek post ready and then realized I do have something to post about, so you get 2 posts in 1! A good family friend of ours has 2 darling toddlers and just started a blog filled with super fun and educational activities to do with your tots. Make sure you go check it out!

*science projects, crafts and outdoor fun you can experience with your children*
She already has some super fun posts up about:
& more!
Make sure you stop by Exploring the World Around Us!

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