Bubble Skirt Easter Outfit Tutorial

Easter is just around the corner! Every little girl needs something special for Easter Sunday- right???
I’m thinking yes!
And this outfit has a little surprise too:)
Because little baby bottoms are so stinkin’ cute with pom poms! Don’t worry the tail comes off, so you can use the skirt all summer.
Let’s get started!
1. Cut out your pieces. I doubled little miss’s waist measurement (20″) and picked a length I liked and added a couple inches to make the waist. My pieces were 40x 12″. You also need some elastic and a long skinny strip of fabric if you want to add a belt.
2. Sew the side seam up on the outer skirt and the liner with right sides together.

3. Create a waist band on the skirt by folding over twice and stitching along the edge. Make sure it’s wide enough to thread the elastic through.

4. With right sides together sew the bottom edge of the skirt to the bottom of the lining

5. To make the “bubble” pull the liner up, so that the bottom end of your skirt is pulled at least an inch into the inside of the skirt. Tuck under the raw edge of the liner and sew it to the skirt just below the waist band.

6. Thread your elastic through the waist band and secure the ends together. (your liner should already be in place- I made a mistake…)

7. You can be done now or add a little belt- I of course decided to go with a belt:) Sew a nice long drawstring (fold your rectangle of fabric in half, sew one short end and the long edge, turn right side out starting with the sewn shut end) and then snip off several segments to make belt loops with. Finish the ends of the “belt” by folding over twice and topstitching.

 8. Tuck the raw edges of the belt loops under and topstitch onto the skirt.

9. Hot glue a pom pom onto a hair clip and add it to the back for some extra fun. I made my own pom pom out of yarn. You can find instructions here

10. For the shirt I just grabbed a dollar store onesie, cut out a bunny head and ears and sewed around them using a zig zag stitch.
 Happy Easter!
 bye bye little bunnies:)

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