Blogging Bootcamp: Design Dos & Don’ts

This is the last post in the Blogging Bootcamp mini series.
Make sure you check out previous three:
Let’s get started!
  • Pick a background: you can design one if you know how (I don’t), download one for free (try Shabby Blogs, Cutest Blog on the Blog, and Hot Bliggity Blogs) or hire someone (my blog design is compliments of Tenille from Templates by Tenille)
  • Design a Header: You can use Photoshop if you have it or download for free which is a very similar program. You can also design something photo based with Picasa or Picnik, which are both free and super easy to use. You can pick out a free font at DaFont
  • Stick with a White Background in your main column: it’s much easier for people to read
  • Use photos! Sometimes all I look at is the pictures, so make sure you include pictures when you can and try to take them in natural light
  • Add Tabs: Blogger has made it super easy to add tabs to your blog, which makes your blog much easier for you followers to navigate. Common tabs include: About Us, Contact, Tutorials, etc. For help with Pages and Tabs you can check out this Blogger Article
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Organized:  Put your most important info. at the top so it’s easy to find and group your sponsors together

  • Use fonts that are hard to read
  • Change your design too often:  The occasional face lift is fine but try to keep your look consistent so your readers don’t get confused.  That being said sometimes a  complete overhaul is necessary so don’t be afraid to go for it!
  • Clutter up your Sidebar
  • Copy someone else’s design: Make it your own and don’t use any copyrighted images or phrases

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8 Responses

  1. First of all, thank you so much for the helpful posts! I am so glad someone has written helps on blogging because I am new at it and feeling a bit lost. I tried to add pages/tabs to my blog… but now I don’t really know how to link posts to those tabs…. help? Please?

  2. Great info, thanks! I didn’t know blogger had tabs. I agree so much with your tips, especially having a white background for the center and having an easy to read font. I immediately skip blogs with dark or black backgrounds (the eyes are gettin’ old)and blogs with curly fonts may look cute but are impossible to read.

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