It’s a Boy! Baby Shower

This weekend I got to throw a double baby shower for my neighbors- they’re both having boys!

Can’t wait to meet them:)
Here’s the Invite:
(I erased my info to make it easier for you to use if you want. I put who it was for, date, etc. in the nice big blank spot and my RSVP information across the yellow stripe)
***Just click on the picture to get it in full size
For snacks we had fruit & veggies, sugar cookies and blueberry muffins

I had so much fun making little wrappers to go around the muffins!
I even made them for the baby sized muffins:) Download the SCAL file here (and yes I will be doing some SCAL tutorials- sometime soon I hope!)
My nifty treat tower is just 2 dinner plates, 1 salad plate, and 2 mugs. It all held together really well, but if you’re going to have kids serving themselves at the party you might try to secure it somehow.
And of course we played some fun games too!
While everyone was showing up we played “Guess Mommy’s Tummy size”
I had each guest cut a piece of yarn to the size they thought would wrap around mommy & baby. Each guest used a different color, so we could keep track of who won
We also did bottle drinking races- wish I’d taken a picture b/c it was hilarious! I would recommend doing the bottles 1/3-1/2 full. It’s quite a bit of work to drain those!
For a group game we did Nursery Rhyme pictionary/charades. We split into 2 teams and you could either draw or act out the nursery rhyme- whichever team got the most right won. I’d recommend having a white board for this game.
***You can print out everything you need for the  baby shower games here
And of course every baby shower needs favors!
These were a cinch to make and turned out so cute. I filled cleaned out baby food jars with whoppers eggs
***Easter candy is great for showers- so many blues, greens, yellows & pinks! I ate the pink ones:)
Then I dressed up the jars a bit with some ribbon, scrapbook paper, my 2″ circle punch and some Elmer’s glue. If you want the cute “It’s a Boy” labels you can print them here. I’d recommend using them- saves you from scrubbing off the sticky portion of the label on the baby food jars)
I did a bit of decorating too, but… I forgot to take a picture:(

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