Portable DVD Player Case Tutorial

 Portable DVD players can be a lifesaver when traveling with little ones! Whip up this case and you’ll be able to keep your player, DVDs, and power cords all organized!

1. Cut out your pieces. My player is 8″x6.5″x1.5″. I used a 14.5″x21″ piece of fabric for the case and it fit well. You need enough to wrap over the case and then fold over once more for the flap and DVD holder. Add some extra width if you want a pocket for the charger and headphones. My pocket pieces measured 5.5″ tall by 6″ wide and I did 6 of them.  ***Ignore the seams in my outer fabric- I used an old pair of jeans

2. Hem the top and bottom edge of your pockets.

3. Lay out your pocket pieces on the fabric lining with a bit of room between each pocket. They should be a little bit less than 6″ from the edge of the lining.

4. Flip the pockets back over one at a time and sew along the bottom of each pocket.

5. With right sides together sew the lining to the outer fabric. Leave the short end opposite the DVD holder open.

6. Turn the case right side out. Tuck in the raw edges and sew the opening shut. Fold up the bottom portion of the case, so it forms a pocket for the player. Sew up one side across the flap and down the other side. To make a pocket for the accessories just top stitch to form a compartment. You could also add a snap closure if you want.

Happy Travels:)

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