Cute & Simple Bow Tutorial

This week at Target I found a 6-pack of grosgrain ribbon for $1!!
I just had to make some more hair bows:)

This is my favorite style of bow because they’re super quick and so adorable!
  • Ribbon- trust me on this and head to Target!!
  • Alligator Clips
  • Glue Gun
1. Wrap your clips in ribbon. Start on the inside on the top and work your way around. I normally don’t bother to cover the bottom- it makes it easier to get them in little miss’s hair

See… nice & pretty:)

2. Form a loop of ribbon and glue together

3. Glue the loops onto the bow

4. With another small piece of ribbon “tie” the loop down by wrapping it and then gluing on the backside

Or if you want to make even simpler bows just wrap in ribbon and the glue on an embellishment- can’t get easier than that!
I love having matching bows
perfect for pig tails:)

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