Camera Strap Tutorial

 Since I’m oh so busy on the beach on Maui I decided to stick with a vacation theme this week and post my camera strap tutorial. Sadly…I don’t have a camera to use this with (I made it as a gift for someone), but…I did triple check and this should fit your standard camera just fine and it has a pocket for a lens cap!
Please excuse my horrible pictures! I did this last year with my very old camera:(
1. Cut your pieces. 

 2. Fold the flap in half and stitch the side and one end. Hem the top of your strap (sorry it’s shown as the bottom in this picture)

3. Fold the bottom portion of the pocket over twice (just like the top end) and stitch it to the strap. Turn the flap right side out and stitch around the edges- secure it the strap as you stitch across the top end.

4. With right sides together sew up both sides of the strap

 5. Turn the strap right side out. Fold the ends over twice and stitch down- make sure you don’t sew the strap shut!

 6. Top stitch both sides

 7. Add a snap to the flap, so you’re lens cap is extra safe:)

and maybe a cute button just for fun:)
Happy picture taking with your amazing camera!
yes… if you need this strap your camera is definitely better than mine:)

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2 Responses

  1. Do you know what type of camera you made this for? I also want to give a couple as gifts but I know that camera straps differ. I think the camera strap that I would be making this for is a Canon.

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