Meet the Contestants: Michell & Bree

We’ve almost met all the contestants now! Today we get to meet Michell & Bree
My name is Michell.
I’m a 40 year old mom of 3
 and you can find me at
I quit my Flight Attendant job after my son Rains was born in 2009.

I started my blog a little over a year ago and
 I’m so excited to have just reached 1000 followers!
I love love love sharing tutorials and showing others
how easy and cheap you can make stuff.
Sometimes I even surprise myself…
WOW! I made that!
I’m so honored to have my Sesame Street hats
 selected as one of the top 15 for American Crafter!
Every project is my favorite until the next thing I think of…
I’m right in the middle of a bedroom makeover….
so right now it’s my favorite
Yep…I painted those trees!
Not bad for a person who can’t even draw a stick!
And I cut a table in half and made end tables!!!
I have about 30 tutorials to choose from so
stop by and find your favorite:-)

Extra Ordinary Bree

I’m the Extra Ordinary Bree, mommy and wife by day and a big crafty mess by night. I’ve got a boatload of boys Mikey 6, Eli 5, Jacob 4 & Isaac 5 months and one little girl, Olivia (almost 2). I’m married to Mike, the boy who swept me off my feet before I turned 16 years old and still manages to make me swoon after almost 9 years of marriage. I’ve been crafting for my kids for as long as I’ve had them. First it started out as a way to get the things I wanted but couldn’t afford. I still find myself making things because I’m too much of a cheapskate to buy them but now, more often then not, I find myself crafting for the thrill of creating something new and exciting and completely original.

The project I find myself going back to over and over again, because it’s super simple is the Typography Letter Shirts. My kids wear their shirts all the time but they’re perfect for anytime they’d be forced to sport a name tag… think family reunion, church daycare, MOPs and substitute teachers. This shirt is also a great last minute gift for any kid who likes to see their name plastered all over everything… that’s all of them right? Recently I even used this technique to make my kids their big brother/ big sister shirts!

I’m fairly new to the blogging world so come and show me some love… remember when you felt like you were talking to yourself?

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