Meet the Contestants: Larissa & Jessica

And today I get to introduce you to 2 more contestants! Larissa & Jessica

Hello Naptime crafters. My name is Larissa and I can be found over at my little spot in the blogosphere, Just Another Day in Paradise. 

My blog is full of my everyday home, crafty, sewing, cooking, and family antics. It is my little corner of insanity sanity in a house full of men, three in miniature form and one full grown.

heart a good fudgey brownie, tiny hand holders, a frilly dress, a prettily organized closet (which most the time are NOT my own), toilets that clean themselves, a good fluff read, sleeping babies, spray paint, a bag of starbursts, meeting new friends, a good pair of running shoes, a good belly laugh, my family, and easy functional super fabulous crafts.

My most popular creation by far has been these fun little puppets.
I love creating. I love sharing what I create. It would more than make my day to have you stop by and be party of my crazy, crafty, decorating, living another day in paradise life. See ya soon!

Hi my name is Jessica and I blog over at Mommy Creations. I have a masters degree in Forensic Science, yet choose to stay at home with my sassy almost 3 year old little girl and the happiest 7 month old little boy there is. I am married to my wonderful husband who, although he doesn’t always understand it, for the most part supports my creative urges.
Although I love to involve my children in my crafting adventures I also love a little time to myself. I craft because I get satisfaction out of creating things and I admit I love getting praises for those things I create. I also love photography and using it to document our lives. My favorite things to make are clothes for my daughter and cupcakes, but my favorite is probably my Apple T-shirt dress because it is the first dress I made for my daughter and got me hooked. My daughter now gets an apple picking outfit every year (my audition piece was from our latest apple pickin’ adventure)

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