Guest Post: Sunburst Mirror from TFDS

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to one of my best friends Kimberly!
Not only is she an amazing friend, she is also the queen of design. Ever since we were kids she spent her time re-decorating her room while I was busy playing in the dirt. Not surprising who ended up with an Interior Design major and some amazing skills! 
Without further ado…
Hi all! My name is Kimberly, creator of Third Floor Design Studio. From the beginning, I wanted this blog to be a place where my readers could learn about the amazing world of design. It is a place to be inspired, a place to display my own work, and a place to learn how to DI{all}Y.
Now for a little tutorial: DIY SUNBURST MIRROR

The ever stylish sunburst mirror. Whether you love it or not, this is a piece of art/decor that will always be with us. These classic mirrors can add a touch of sparkle and dimension to any boring space. I’ve seen them show up in practically every room you can think of from the powder bath to the dining room– and they look good every time! 

Whether you throw this mirror into a room full of classic fabrics, modern lines, or an eclectic mix of furniture, it will always add a touch of vintage. With its long history of showing up in the design world, the sunburst mirror combines just enough of the old with the new. 
A little while back I decided I wanted one. I had one of those “I can totally make that” moments, and while most of the time that isn’t true, this time I actually did make it! 
Here is the finished product…
…and here is how I did it.

What you’ll need: 
– 3 packs of dowels (1/8″ x 12″)
– 1 pack of shishkebab sticks for variation (10″ long)
– 2 flat wooden disks (10″ wide) I got them from Hobby Lobby for 99cents/ea. 
A craft mirror
– Hot glue gun
– E-6000 (or an equivalent glue)
– 1 spray paint can (I went with gold) 

1. Take your flat disk and measure out a graph (to help keep your dowels straight). I measured across it horizontally and vertically then measured diagonally. 
2. The dowels do not have pointy tips so I actually sharpened them with an electric pencil sharpener. I don’t know if I would recommend doing this but it was the quickest way I could think of — I am not responsible for any broken pencil sharpeners! 🙂
3. I tried several different patterns using a combination of dowels and shishkebab sticks. I liked the look of “rays” with varied lengths so I measured/marked where I needed to place each dowel in order to achieve the look. After a while I just got the hang of it and was able to eye where they need to be placed.  
4. Put a layer of hot glue down on the disk, place your dowel(s), then put another layer of glue on top of the attached sticks. {Go crazy with the glue! Make sure those sticks aren’t going to go anywhere!}

5. Using the E-6000 {or whatever glue you have chosen}, attach the 2nd flat disk on top of the dowels. {E-6000 is a much stronger glue and will hold the weight of the mirror more securely}
6. Add the color! Spray painting it took a matter of minutes. I did a layer on top, turned it over and did the bottom, then one more layer on top and I was done. 

7. Using the E-6000 {or whatever glue you have chosen}, attach the mirror to the top disk. I placed a few heavy text books on top while the glue was drying. {Finally, a practical use for that stats book!} I let the glue dry for a good 24+ hours. 
8. Attach it to your wall! The framing section of your local craft store will have all sorts of suggestions for the best ways to hang it safely and securely. 

I think it looks so so fun. It makes enough of a statement to stand alone on our wall. {Oh…and that ampersand print was also made by yours truly! Stay tuned for yet another DIY tutorial!}

Come visit me over at Third Floor Design Studio! I’d love to meet you!

{I am currently accepting clients in the greater Utah Valley + E-design clients wherever you may be!}

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