American Crafter Round 2: Let it Snow

Welcome to Round 2!
We still have a couple months of cold, snowy weather in Utah so I thought we’d all try and beat the winter blues by celebrating instead. And… my family will be in town for a weekend of skiing:)
Let it Snow!
This round is sponsored by…
The winner of Round 2 will receive these darling Let it Snow blocks from Snickerdoodle Signs
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow Wood Blocks
The Top 10 Contestants from Round 1 are moving on!
Round 1 Champion

Geeky Conversation Hearts
And remember as our Round Champion Bree is getting a set of valentines from
Our 9 other contestants moving on to Round 2 are:
Peek-a-Boo Valentine Dress
by…Leslie (The Little Apple Seed)
Car Valentines
by… Lori (Lori’s Storys)
Love Notes Board
Cupid Dress Up Costume
by…Ashley (Achieving Domestic Bliss
Be Mine- Vintage Valentine Banner
by…Angela (Better Together)
Some Sugar for my Valentine
by… Jamie (Pure Joy)
Special Delivery Truck
by…Diane (From Blank Pages)

 I HRT U, Valentine
Marshmallow Conversation
by…Michell (Girl in Air)

And sadly that means we have to say goodbye to 5 Fabulous ladies
Love Story
by… Jessica (Mommy Creations
Valentine Garland
If Only Cupid Were a Girl
Door to My Heart…

well window screen to my heart
by…Ashley (Being Grown Up)

Versatile Valentine’s Dress
by…Hope (Sparkle)
Thanks everyone for making Round 1 spectacular! 
Round 2 projects will be posted on Friday morning at 10am for voting

And…here’s a Round 2 button

Official Results

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  1. WooHoo!! I made it to round #2!! Congrats to the others too….Thank you for all your hard work…now off to brain storm…hmmmmmm Let it Snow!! Lots of that here in Wyoming!!

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