Men’s Shirt turned Party Dress

Have some old shirts hanging around? Turn them into a dress for your little darling!


With lots of ruffles and girly fun
1. Lay out a dress that fits well and use it as a guide for making your pieces. Use the full width of the shirt for the skirt portion. The sleeves are made from the bottom portion of the sleeves.
2. Cut out all the pieces. You need 6 strips of the fabric for the ruffles

3. Cut off the collar

4. With the shirt inside out sew up the side seams. Tuck the raw edges of the collar inside the collar and top stitch shut to form a mandarin collar.

5. With wrong sides together fold each ruffle strip in half and gather along the raw edges. Finish one end of each ruffle by folding over twice and top stitching.

6. Stitch each ruffle onto the bodice starting with the outermost ruffle- I did 3 on each side. Once the ruffles are in place top stitch a placket in place over the raw edge of the innermost ruffle.
7. Gather the top of each sleeve.
8. With the bodice inside out and the sleeve right side out pin the sleeve in place and stitch.
8. Gather the skirt
9. Slide the skirt onto the bodice with right sides together and stitch.
10. Fold the edges over twice and hem the bottom of the skirt

11. Finish the shirt sleeves by sewing a piece of elastic onto the cuff. Stretch the elastic as you sew it down with a zig-zag stitch

Want to make the boots?

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