Fur Trim Coat & Hat Tutorial

 I really love how the Fur Trim Coat  Hat came out
Fur Trim Coat Tutorial

Super warm & perfect for exploring
And the hat makes little girls oh so happy!
At least some little girls…Little miss was not too thrilled, which is why I borrowed a model. And having a toddler who can stand unsupported is always helpful:)
Maybe in a few weeks…
Do you want to make one??? Please say yes- it’s completely worth the effort!
And it’s not nearly as hard as it looks:)
Materials (for a 1 year old size):
  • 1 yard Outer fabric: I used a fine corduroy that looks a bit like velvet, but was easier to sew with (and cheaper)
  • 2/3 yard pink fabric lining (it comes on a wider bolt, so you don’t need as much)
  • 2/3 yard fleece (also on a wider bolt)
  • Ribbon trim
  • 1/4 yard faux fur
  • Buttons
  • Pattern: Download here. All pieces should be printed, so the photo fills an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper
1. Cut out your pieces. I used a dress as a pattern guide and it worked great! Lay out the dress with the skirt fanned out and then cut around it leaving some extra room for your seam allowances. I did each piece separately. The bottom of the bodice and the top of the skirt need to be the same length. I made the front pieces a bit wider than the back, so the coat can overlap when it buttons.
***Update: A pattern is now available in 6-12 months. Grab it in the materials section
I lined the coat with fleece and pink lining, so I ended up with 3 of each piece. You will also need a long strip of fur to go around the bottom and 2 shorter strips for the cuffs (I just measured once my coat was mostly assembled). And you’ll need a fur collar (sorry- I take horrible pictures when I’m doing competitions. I just get too excited!)
I just took pictures of the steps using the coat liner which was fleece and pink lining pinned together. Repeat each step with your outer fabric
1. With right sides together sew your 2 skirt front pieces to the back piece along the side seams. If you’re using fleece and lining then the lining is the “right side” and the fleece is the “wrong side”. I just pinned the pieces together while I was working
2. Fold your sleeve in half and sew up the side seam
2. Attach your bodice front pieces to the back at the side seams and the shoulders leaving the neck, armholes, and bottom open
3. If you’re sleeve is bigger than the armhole gather it at the top
4. Attach your sleeves by sliding the right side out sleeve into the inside out bodice and stitching around the armhole.
5. If you haven’t cut out your collar yet now is a good time:) With right sides together sew your 2 collar pieces together along the sides and top edge. Turn right side out and topstitch along the sides and top edge to get it to lay flat.
6. I also added faux pockets to my coat. Fold a circle in half with right sides together and sew almost all the way around the curved edge. Turn right side out, tuck the raw edges in and top stitch along the curved edge. Sew to the coat along the top edge. ***I also added ribbon trim to the waist of the coat. If you want to do that topstitch it on now
7. Cut your fur trim to be the same length as the bottom of your coat and twice as wide. Fold it in half with RST and sew the 2 short ends shut. Turn right side out- it should now be finished on 3 sides. (***Sorry no pic. I forgot to do this step and had to go back and fix it)
8. Time to assemble! You should have 2 mostly finished coats at this point- an outer coat and a liner.
Slide one coat inside the other with right sides together. Pin your fur trim in between the coat and the liner. The raw edge of the fur trim should line up with the raw edge of the coat bottom. Do the same for the collar
It should look like this…
9.If you want to do button loops add them to one side of the coat. The loops portion is inside the coat between the outer coat and the liner and the tails are poking out.
10. Sew almost all the way around the coat. Make sure the fur trim on the bottom doesn’t get caught in the side seam! (yes- I did that…) Turn the coat right side out, tuck in the raw edges and top stitch all the way around.
11. Cut a piece of fur for each sleeve cuff. With RST sew up the side seam to make a circle. Slip it into the sleeve lining with right sides together and sew down along the edge.
12. Pull the coat sleeve back into place, fold the fur up and tuck under it’s raw edge and then hand stitch into place.
Want a matching hat?
I didn’t take many pictures, but it’s pretty quick and simple
1. Cut out your pieces- you need a length of fur slightly longer than your kid’s head circumference and twice as wide as you’d like the band to be. Measure across the top of your kid’s head and cut a circle to fit. Cut the circle in 4 segments
2. Fold your fur in half with right sides together and sandwich the curved edge of each hat piece between the layers (your fur will be folded- I had to use 2 pieces instead of 1 big one so that’s why you can peek inside).
3. Sew up the top of the hat and then the fur side seam
Let it Snow!
We’re ready:)

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  1. I did vote for that one! Out of all the projects, it was the only one that I thought I would actually buy for my almost-two-year old daughter if I was out shopping. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!

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