DIY Sewing Machine Cover | Free Tutorial

Have you noticed the organizing frenzy in the blogosphere lately???
It motivate me to clean up my craft corner a bit with a DIY Sewing Machine Cover.
Now my sewing machine has a nice new outfit for the times when I don’t manage to get it put away:)
DIY Sewing Machine Cover

I love it and the DIY Sewing Machine Cover only took a couple minutes


DIY Sewing Machine Cover Materials

1. Pick your fabric- probably the most time consuming part! I went pretty neutral since my sewing corner is in our front room. For my Brother machine I used a 28×22″ piece.  I assume most machines are about the same size, but you might want to measure. You need enough to go up and over the machine and meet on both sides. Leave a little wiggle room:)
2. Fold in half with right sides together and sew up the side seams

 3. Try it on your machine and from corners like you’re wrapping a present. Pin along the fold line and then sew across your pin line.

4. Fold the raw edge under twice and hem the bottom

Now you can have a bit of cleanliness in your craft corner
…or if you’re lucky your craft room:)
Do you need a sewing machine to put under it. Check out my Top 5 Sewing Machines for Beginners.
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