Birthday Outfit: Tutu & Tee

It’s your Birthday shout hooray!
And of course every birthday kiddo needs a special outfit for their special day
How about a nice fluffy tutu & a big “1” shirt
(or any other number of course)


  • Tulle- about 1 yard each of 2 colors
  • Elastic
  • T-shirt vinyl
  • Tee
1. Sew your elastic together. You can use a machine or do it by hand
2. Stretch your elastic over something- then when it springs back the tutu will be nice and full. Tie lengths of tulle on with square knots.

3. Cut a birthday number out of t-shirt vinyl. I used SCAL to make mine. ***With t-shirt vinyl you need to cut out a mirror image or everything will end up backwards! Iron on

 I’d recommend taking it all off before cake:)

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