Guest Post: Holiday Bow Wreath from Tara being Tara

Christmas is almost here! Have you finished your wrapping? Do you have a bunch of extra trimmings lying around? Perfect- grap a Dollar Tree wreath form and you can have this bad boy on your door in a matter of minutes. Just in time for all of your holiday guests!

This wonderful tutorial is brought to you by Tara being Tara . Be sure to head on over and say hello- she has a great blog!

First, gather your supplies:

Lay out those beautiful dollar store finds to get a good idea of what you have to work with.
Arrange your bows, then glue them on:
Admire your beautiful handiwork!
Text pictures of it to all of your crafty minded friends, and then hang it up!
Happy decorating, everyone!

Thanks so much Tara!!

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  1. Amy, I just wanted you to know that I came across your gospel ABC’s and Quiet book. I LOVE them! I took the idea and ran with it! I posted my version on my blog but made sure you got the credit, I posted a link (a few links actually) back to your blog so people can see all of your awesome craftiness! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It is going to make the perfect stocking stuffer for my little guys! Thank you for sharing!!

    Since my blog is private (if you are interested in seeing that I really did link back to you) you can email me and I’ll invite you. my email is:

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