DIY Wrapping Paper

The shopping is done (almost…) and it’s time to get those packages under the tree. Get your kids together and make your own wrapping paper! It’s fast, cheap, and a fun activity
I didn’t make enough for everything, but I really like how it coordinates with the store bought paper. It really adds that extra bit of love to each gift
  • Butcher paper- found mine at Roberts. 5 ft/$1
  • Potatoes & Carrots
  • Paint
  • Happy little helpers:)

 1. Roll out your paper and pin down the corners. You could cut it into a couple chunks and let each child decorate their own

2. Cut your potatoes in half and carve out a design- you could let your kid draw it on first. Make sure the cut is level, so you get a good stamp. I used some carrots to make dots

3. Stamp away! I found it worked best to paint the potato with a brush and then stamp.

Have fun with the wrapping!

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