Toss Pillows

Ready to make some toss pillows? I love how mine turned out! I just recovered my old ones, but you could use pillow forms or fiberfill instead.
Let’s start with the cylinder ruffle pillow- it’s my favorite:) I love how the set-in ruffles coordinate with our pillowcases. 
1. Cut your pieces. You’ll need a rectangle for the main section, 2 circles for the ends, and 2 strips for the ruffles.
2. Gather both ruffle strips on each side using a basting stitch. Pin right sides together to your main piece and stitch down 

 3. Attaching the circle is the trickiest part. Surprisingly it’s actually easiest if you don’t use pins, which I love! Line up the edge of your circle with the edge of the ruffle strip right sides together. Stitch down adjusting the circle as you go. Repeat on opposite end

 4. With your pillow inside out stitch up the side seam leaving a gap in the middle for stuffing. Make sure the gap isn’t on the ruffle portion or you will have to use 2 different thread colors to stitch it up (yes- I accidentally did that…) Finished!

Next up- the flower pillow! Yes- I have a ruffle addiction:)

 1. Cut several long strips of fabric. Mine were about 1.5″ wide with a total length of over 3 yds.

 2. Fold your strip in half (wrong sides together) and stitch along the edge creating a ruffle as you go. Tricky huh? Here’s the secret: set your stitch length as long as it will go and the upper thread tension to the highest setting.

 3. Now you just glue your flower to the pillow with some tacky glue working from the inside out. Each layer of ruffles should fit just below the previous layer, so you don’t see any of your stitches or raw edges. Add a little button to the middle and you’re done!

Ok… this one is my favorite too! The up-cycled sweater pillow. It’s just begging for me to snuggle with it:) There isn’t really a tutorial for this pillow- just make your basic pillow sham from a sweater and handstitch the opening shut. Want to add some flowers? See my yo-yo tutorial

 All done= I hope you like them as much as I do!

3 Responses

  1. Up-cycled…I love it! I just had my last baby a year ago, and after years of waiting to fit into my old skirts that have been sitting in a box forever, I just tried them on and realized they aren’t in style anymore, so I’m up-cycling them into baby dresses and skirts. I just found your blog today and have a long list of projects I want to do. Thank you so much for all of the ideas. (I don’t really sew, but I’m trying to learn!)

  2. very pretty, I have a cylindrical pillow that has a rip in the fabric (for like a year) that I’ve been meaning to get around to recovering…one day, I swear! Yours look awesome though!!

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