His & Her Sheets

I LOVE LOVE LOVE flannel sheets- the hubs not so much. So… I came up with (ok… actually it was my genius mother) these wonderful sheets that are 1/2 cotton and 1/2 flannel. Now everybody is happy!

Since I love you all so much- we’re also going to do the monorgrammed pillowcases with Anthro inspired ruffles:)

  • Set of flannel sheets
  • Set of cotton sheets
  • 1 yd fabric/pillow case or you can just use the pillowcases that came with your sheets
  • steam-a-seam
  • Small amount of contrasting fabric
Let’s start with the sheets:
1. Cut your sheets in half
2. Sew them back together with flannel on 1/2 and cotton on 1/2

 3. If you want you can add a little extra something to the fold-down section. I just took a strip of fabric ironed the raw edges under and top-stitched it down. Kinda ties everything together don’t you think?

Ready for some pillowcases?
1. Cut out your pieces. To start with you’ll need a 20×64″ rectangle. At least for my pillows- you might want to add a little fabric if your’s are extra poofy:)
2. I wanted my ruffle pretty close to the edge, so I cut off a strip about 6″ in. Then in my contrasting fabric I cut a strip for the ruffles that was about 3×30″
3. Using a basting stitch (longest stitch length), gather both sides of your ruffle until it is the same length as your pillowcase width- in my case 20″. Pin right sides together to your small strip of fabric and stitch down

 4. Now attach your ruffle to the main part of your pillow case

 5. To add a monogram, iron your contrasting fabric to some steam-a-seam

6. Pin on your letter (I printed one of the computer to make a template with) and cut out
6. Peel off the back of your steam-a-seam and iron each letter to the pillowcase. Make sure you have ruffles on the left on one pillowcase and on the right on the other. Then make sure you put your letter on the right side of the bed:)
6. Stitch around each letter with a zig-zag stitch
7. Iron the ruffles on your pillowcase inward. Then fold your pillowcase in half right sides together and sew up both sides
8. Fold your edge over twice (sorry different fabric!) and top-stitch down. When the end is folded over it should be covering the raw edges from your ruffle

Sweet Dreams! Check back on Friday for the toss pillows tutorial

 Thank you to everyone who voted for me in Crafting with the Stars. Sadly I didn’t move on to the championship round. But… I learned so much and made a lot of new friends. And- I’m pretty happy to have my life back:)

3 Responses

  1. I just sewed the flat sheet together with 1 seam. You probably could topstitch it flat, but I didn’t bother. We sleep with the smooth side of the seam down and the wrong side of the seam is against the blanket we have on top of the sheet. I fold the top of the sheet over when I make the bed, so then it all looks pretty and is cozy too:)

  2. I have thought about doing this before but had no idea if it would work! I am so glad it did!!! Did you topstitch the seam flat on the flat sheet? I didn’t know if the seam in the middle bothered you on the top sheet. I just found your blog and it’s great!

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