Sweater Dress Tutorial

Are you ready to make a your little one the coziest dress ever?! I’m happy to introduce you to the cowl neck sweater dress:
This sweater dress is inspired by Baby Gap and is oh so soft and cozy. Re-purposed from a wool-cashmere blend Express sweater it is budget friendly and super warm! Just like the original, the dress features a cable-knit front, rolled cuff sleeves, a gathered waist with just enough frill, and a cowl neck for extra warmth and coziness!

Let’s get started:)

  • Cable knit turtleneck sweater (time to head to the thrift store!)
  • Sewing machine
  • Your bundle of joy:)
1. Cut out your pieces. You’ll need the main body, sleeves (I used the bottom portion and then slimmed them down some), and a skirt (I used the entire bottom portion of the sweater, so I could gather it). My sweater had something funky going on with the cuffs and I had to cut them off and reattach (don’t do that- it’ll be much easier!). 
2. Flip the main body inside out and sew up your side seams

3. Turn your sleeves inside out and sew up the sides
4. Attach your sleeve to the main body. With your sleeve right side out slide it into your main body which is inside out, so that your pieces are right sides together. Phew- got that?

 5. Gather your skirt piece. Use more than one row of basting stitches to do this since the fabric is pretty bulky. I tried to cheat and my thread broke- no fun:(

 6. Pin right sides together and attach to the body

 7. Depending on what size you’re making you may want to trim the neck a bit (I took off a couple inches). Next make a slit right down one side to form the cowl neck. Finish the edges by folding the edge back and stitching in place (remember the neck will be folded down, so really you turn the edges to the outside of the sweater instead of the inside- try it and I promise it will make sense)

If you want to make it look even better you could finish the side edges of the neck with some grosgrain ribbon and then add some buttons- I didn’t bother, but I’m sure it would look fantastic:)

 8. To keep the side slit in the neck from spreading sew a bar tack perpendicular to the slit.

Finished! The perfect dress to keep your little one nice and snug. Not to mention oh so fashionable:)

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  1. Oh man do I love your blog! I just made my own version of this sweater with your tutorial and it turned out SOOOOO cute! The thrift store sweater I got had buttons all up the sweater cuff which I kept, and a ribbed portion at the waist which I cut off and used at the hem to form an A line dress. I bought a brown sweater and a black/red/white. We live in Florida, so the weather is just getting cold enough for them. Plus they will be perfect for our trip to Colorado this month! Brrr! Thank you again! I will post all three next month (Feb.) in my blog Upcycle Mama.

  2. That is the most adorable little dress, I have ever seen! How precious! Unfortunately, I’d have to go and buy it. I love being crafty, but right now, with thw twins in tow, keeping me on my feet, combined with blogging, I have zero time, but I admire your original and more thrifty, thoughts on creaing such a garment. That is really awesome!

    New follower here:)



  3. Adorable! Stinkin’ Cute for the simply adorable model!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  4. Love it and what a great idea! I will have to pass this on to my sister so she can either get me an old sweater of her older daughters or so she can do it herself.

  5. oh Amy, this is sooooo adorable at your little one!!! She looks fabulous in it!!!
    I think I will re use some oldies that I have for my DD…only they ae a bit bigger…6 and 4(ALMOST 5 ALREADY)

  6. Amy – thanks so much for posting the pdf of Gospel ABC’s. Great to have all the posts together!
    You have the most adorable daughter! Just looking at her sweet face brings a smile to mine. Thanks for sharing her too.

  7. I just love this dress! I can’t wait to make one for my little bug! Are you going to do a tutorial for the boots as well? They’re so stinkin’ cute!

  8. I thought that dress is made from a sweater but never knew that was a turtleneck sweater. You´re so creative. May I wait for tutorial for the boots? I bet that will be great too

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