Repurposing: $1 Blanket into Fleece Jacket

I LOVE fall! There’s just enough chill in the air to snuggle up in a fleece jacket. So… when I saw these cute fleece blankies at the Dollar Tree I knew I just had to buy one so I could make little miss a nice fall jacket. Just warm enough without all the bulk and it already had a cute little lady bug embroidered on it- perfect!
Great for playing outside:)
And the ruffles all the way around make both of us smile!
Ready to get started?
  • Dollar Tree Blanket (there’s probably 5 or so different colors to choose from). 1 was barely enough so you might buy 2 if you’re doing a bigger size or don’t want to cut it close. You can also get cute blankets in the Target dollar area for $2.50
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern found right here (size 9-12 mos. adjust as needed)
  • Baby to bundle:)

1. Cut out your pattern pieces. I didn’t make a pattern for the ruffle on the bottom of the coat or the tie closure, but you will need to cut those out as well. Measure across the bottom of all of your jacket pieces and then add a couple inches, so you get a nice ruffle. My ruffle strip was about 2″ wide. Tie a piece of string around your kiddos waist to decide how long to make the tie closure. My piece was an 1″ wide.

2. Sew the facings onto the front and back. First you will stitch them down right sides together. Fleece doesn’t fray, so don’t worry about any edges.

Then flip the facing over to the inside of the jacket and topstitch it down right next to the edge, so it has a cute finished look.

3. Pin your jacket right sides together, so you have a nice vest and then sew across the shoulders and along the side seams.

4. Now for the ruffle. I ended up sewing a couple pieces together to make it long enough. It would be great if your seams matched up to the sides seams- mine didn’t, but you know in a perfect world it would look nice

5. Fold the bottom edge under and stitch down and then gather the top edge by using a basting stitch and then tugging on the thread ends

6. Make sure the ruffle is the same length as the jacket. Fold the 2 ends under and topstitch down, so your ruffle matches the finished edges of the jacket (sorry no picture, but I promise it’s easy)

7. Pin the ruffle to the jacket right side together and stitch down.

Now you have a nice little vest- right? Okay good. Let’s make some sleeves

8. Now you need to decide how you want your sleeves. Originally I did ruffles, but then they were getting dragged through everything and I cut them off. But… if you want a cute little ruffle, attach one to your sleeve bottom now.

9. Next pin the sleeve right sides together and stitch up the side.
10. Place the sleeve inside the jacket, so the right sides are facing each other and then stitch down. Make sure you don’t sew the sleeve shut!
11. Totally spaced taking pictures of the tie closure, but it’s pretty simply. Fold your strip in half and stitch down one end and one side. Turn right side out and then stitch shut. Make 2 tiny ties and then stitch to the sides for the belt loops. Finished!
Happy Fall & Happy Crafting!

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