Fall Wreath Tutorial

Have you seen all of the brilliant fall wreaths out there? I finally got around to designing my own with what I had on hand.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Wreath (mine has a 12″ diameter)
  • Neutral fabric for the base layer (I used 1/2 yard ish)
  • Fall toned fabric scraps
  • Craft glue (I just used elmer’s)
2. Cut your base fabric into 60 1×10″ strips. Depending on the look you’re going for and the bulk of your fabric you may want the strips longer, shorter, skinnier… Play around with it a bit before you cut all your fabric. Then… just tie the strips on with double knots, staggering the knots a bit.

3. Work your way around the whole wreath

4. Cut your fall fabric into 2-3″ circles. Wrap the fabric around the end of a screwdriver and add a dab of glue.

5. Shove it into your wreath

6. Fan out each little fabric tuft

7. Add as many as you want going all the way around


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