DIY Fred Flintstone Costume | Free Tutorial

It’s costume week!! I’m so excited:) We’ll start off with the easiest costume for a man – the DIY Fred Flintstone costume. This Fred Flintstone Costume Tutorial has only has 3 seams and will only take a few minutes once you find the fabric. I think I’ll spend longer trying to make my hubby wear it than it took to make it. It’s also a great idea for family costumes – we went as Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles!
DIY Fred Flintstone Costume

DIY Fred Flintstone Costume Materials:

  • Animal print fabric- I got a sheet at the thrift store for $4. Local thrift stores are great places for costumes!
  • Pinking Shears
  • Blue Tie

DIY Fred Flintstone Costume Instructions:

1. Measure your hubby and cut a rectangle the size of your costume. I doubled my sheet so I would only have 1 side seam. My costume in about 25×50″. I laid down a t-shirt to make sure I was making the costume nice and roomy- skin tight animal print. Not good…

2. Use your pinking shears to add some nice fringe to the bottom:)

3. Cut a neck out of the front half.

4. Since I only had 1 side seam I had to cut an armhole in the folded side.

5. Sew up your shoulder seams and side seam. Make sure you don’t sew your side all the way up- leave room for an armhole.

There you have it. Your Fred Flintstone costume is ready to go. Now go work on the hard part – getting your husband to wear it. Yabba Dabba Doo!
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