Washcloth Bib

Little miss is the messiest eater. Every time she has a bottle it seems like half of it ends up on her. So I decided to make her an ultra absorbent bib out of 2 old wash cloths. Super easy and it works great!


  • 2 wash cloths
  • Button
  • Fabric scraps for embellishing (optional)
  • Double-sided fusible web (optional)

1. Stack your wash cloths and cut out your bib pieces- I used another bib as a guide.

2. If you want to embellish it (you know I did!) then cut out your fabric scraps and fusible web. I decided on a sassy little 5 petal flower. Lay them out on the bib

3. Follow the directions for your fusible web. For mine you just iron down- I think they’re all like that, but it’s best to check

4. Stitch down your pieces with embroidery thread. I added a little button to the center for that extra touch of cuteness:)

5. Place your bib pieces right sides together and stitch them together- leave a gap at the bottom so you can turn it right side out.

6. Flip the bib right side out and then stitch all the way around, making sure to tuck the loose ends under and sew the gap shut. I sewed on a button and just cut a slit in the other end. If you’re feeling ambitious you can make a real buttonhole:)

Finished- enjoy!

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