T-shirt into Baby Dress/Toddler Swing Top

Some t-shirts really should be dresses don’t you think? I loved the pattern on this shirt, but it just didn’t fit quite right, so I sacrificed it:)

I love love love the versatility of this outfit. It fits forever- an adorable dress or swing top. And… it works for summer and fall- just throw on a t-shirt under to make it a cute jumper. Of course you need baby legs too (we’ll learn those next time)

Here’s what you need:
  • Bottom 1/2 of a t-shirt
  • Matching knit fabric- we’ll use this for embellishing and the baby legs tutorial
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Elastic
  • Button

1. Cut the bottom off your t-shirt. Ok- so mine already had a casing and I just threaded some elastic through it. But… yours probably won’t so just fold the top over 1/2″ish and topstitch it down, leaving a little opening to thread the elastic through. Since we’re working with knits it won’t fray, so don’t worry about finishing off edges- LOVE that about knits don’t you??
Measure your baby or toddler just below the armpits and make your elastic that same size. This makes an adorable baby dress or a toddler swing top.
2. Now for a little flower- optional, but I think it really adds something. Cut out 4 or more skewampish circles in varying sizes.

3. Stack them up and pick out a cute button for the center. Sew it on to the dress as you sew down the button- too cute!

4. To finish it off I made ribbon ties. Mine were about 10″ long. Make sure you measure and leave plenty of room for a cute little bow (plan on double knotting- babies love to untie it seems). Seal the ends to prevent fraying by running a lighter over them or coating with clear nail polish. Then just tack them down.

Perfect little outfit for lounging around in the grass

Ok… so this is so cute on a baby who can stand- mine can’t. At least not long enough for a picture. So- maybe a lying down photo will give you the idea:)

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  1. So cute and it looks easy. I have a few shirts that might be perfect for this. The ribbons and the flower on the front really make this.

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