Halloween Finger Puppets

Boo! Aren’t these finger puppets spooky? Ok maybe not, but they sure do get me and little miss in the mood for Halloween. Ready to make your very own set?
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Felt: black, white, orange, yellow, green
  • Hot glue gun or felt glue
  • Sewing machine
  • Black paint (optional)
  • Halloween paper (optional)
  • Mod podge (optional)
  • Baby food jar (optional)

1. Let’s start off with the spider. Cut out 8 legs and 2 green eyes. For the body I did a circle shape with a rectangleish end to put my finger in (make sure you make this part big enough to wrap around your finger- don’t forget seam allowances)

2. I used a pen to add some pupils and then glued the eyes down with my hot glue gun.

3. Put your spider together right sides together. All of his little legs are on the inside- leave a bit poking out, so they get stitched down well. Stitch around your spider- make sure you don’t sew the end shut:)

4. Flip him right side out and you’re done!

Ready for the ghost?
1. Cut out 2 ghosty shapes, 2 eyes and a mouth
2. Glue down the face and then place right sides together and stitch around the edges.

3. Turn right side out and say “boo!”

I did the jack ‘o lantern next.
1. Make a body just like the spiders and cut out a mouth, eyes, nose, and stem. For a jagged stem use pinking shears on one edge.
2. Glue down the face

3. Stitch around the edges. Make sure you get your stem stuck in there (just like the spider legs)

4. Flip right side out

I thought about doing a witch and decided a hat was good enough:) If you’re ambitious and make a witch I’d love to see how it turns out. So… here’s how you make the uber simple hat:
1. Cut out 2 hat pieces
2. Stitch around the edges

3. Flip right side out and cackle:)

4 down, 1 to go
1. Cut out your candy corn pieces- orange, yellow and a white pointy top-ok… I totally just realized my colors are out of order. yellow goes first:)

2. Stitch each piece together. I just overlapped each color slightly and topstitched

3. Put right sides together and stitch around the edges

4. I bet you know what to do next:) Flip right side out and say “trick or treat!”

This next part is totally optional, but I have a gazillion baby food jars laying around so I decided to make a cute storage container.

1. Paint the lid black

2. Mod podge on a piece of paper and you’re done!

Happy Halloween!

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