Baby Legs

Remember the baby legs from friday? Good- let’s get started.

These are perfect for this time of year. Throw them on in the morning when it’s chilly and whip them off when it heats up. And… you don’t have to take them off for diaper changes- fabulous.


  • Scrap of knit fabric- I cut up some stained little kid leggings
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon (optional)

1. Cut out your fabric. I used a pair of leggings as a pattern.
2. Fold the top and bottom in towards the wrong side and top stitch down. Leave room for the elastic on the wider end.
3. Thread your elastic through the wide end and secure it at each end.

4. Turn right sides together and stitch up the sides. Add little ribbon bows to the bottom- adds an extra bit of happy:)

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