Sunshine Skirt

August is winding down and I just had to make one more summer outfit…
Materials (for 6/9m size):
  • 1/4 fabric for skirt
  • 1/4 fabric for yoke
  • Elastic

1. Print out your pattern here and size it to your baby. Make sure the yoke is long enough to fit around those chubby hips:) The pattern unaltered fits approx. 6-9 mos.

2. Sew the short ends (the vertical seams) of your yoke and yoke liner together
3. Slip your yoke over the liner right sides together. Sew across the top. Iron the seams and turn the yoke right side out.

4. Gather the top of your skirt on both sides so it is the same width as the yoke. Sew the skirt sides together.

5. Slip the yoke over the skirt right sides together and sew together. Make sure you only sew down the yoke and not the liner.

6. Tuck your seams up into the liner and then fold the bottom edge of the liner inward and pin in place. (Put your pins on the other side, so they are easier to pull out as you sew)

7. Topstitch along the top of your yoke- this will secure what you just pinned down in the last step.
***Revision- at this point you can leave a small gap, thread your elastic through and tack the ends together and then sew up the gap. Or you can continue on with the tute:)

8. Time for the elastic. Measure the baby’s waist and the cut the elastic 1″ shorter. Fold the top edge of the yoke inward and then topstitch forming a casing, leaving a little gap. Thread your elastic in through the gap. Secure the elastic by zig zag stitching over the ends (don’t sew the yoke in this step- just the elastic). Topstitch over your gap.

9. Hem the end- I just folded over twice and topstitched.

10. Make a funny face and love life in the sunshine skirt!

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